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New Initiatives

Each year new Wellness Culture Coaching tools are added

We are pleased to introduce Healthy Culture Action Trackers. Each Hea;thy Culture Action Tracker rewards efforts to create health-supporting cultures within workgroups. They are optimized for smart phones, tablets and computers. Participants record their actions, and then see a progress report on their actions to date and how their efforts compare with their peers. Depending on the number of actions they achieve, participants receive bronze, silver and gold awards. Aggregate data and reports make it possible to track actions at the organizational level. It is also possible to generate descriptions and photos associated with best practices for each action.
Learn more about Healthy Culture Action Trackers

  • Lead Well tracks and celebrates managers’ and wellness champions’ efforts to foster healthy cultures.
  • Well Planned tracks and celebrates efforts to systematically address a culture change goal, such as creating a supportive environment for physical activity.
  • Well Buddy tracks and celebrates peer support for achieving healthy lifestyle goals.
  • Well at Home tracks and celebrates efforts to foster a wellness culture at home.
  • Well Engaged tracks and celebrates efforts to strengthen the social fabric of a workgroup (e.g., sense of community, shared organizational vision, and positive outlook).
  • Well in Community tracks and celebrates actions that take advantage of local wellness resources. Aggregate responses are also used to create a wellness resource directory of local people, places and organizations that provide support for healthy lifestyles.

The Healthy Culture Research and Education Foundation funds research that demonstrates the impact of interventions designed to create wellness cultures at work, among friends, at home and in the community.

We have been refining our approach to cultural analysis. The Cultural Analysis Toolkit features the Lifegain Wellness Culture Survey (now in its 25th year), Cultural Support Interviews (gathering qualitative input), the Work Climate Survey (measuring the sense of community, shared vision and positive outlook). the Personal Wellness StrengthsBuilder (measuring lifestyle change, healthy lifestyle practices, lifestyle change skills and cultural support) and WellnessNow (gathering input needed to create a community wellness directory).

The Social Climate Toolkit features resources designed to enhance the sense of community, shared vision and positive outlook within organizations. The Work Climate Survey and report generator measures each climate dimension. Social Climate Workshop materials include a presentation slides, train-the-trainer instructions and participation handouts. The Social Climate StrengthsBuilder creates a an online database of best practices for fostering a strong social climate.

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