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About Wellness Culture Coaching

For more than 30 years, the Human Resources Institute (HRI) has developed culture-based wellness resources for its clients. Wellness Culture Coaching is HRI’s effort to empower wellness and human resource professionals as well as other wellness champions to use its culture change tools effectively. The Wellness Culture Coaching approach draws upon organizational development, psychology, anthropology, and health promotion and wellness research. This is a practical approach based on sound scientific evidence.

Wellness Culture Coaching skills and resources are easily adaptable to a broad range of wellness goals and populations. They support wellness champions in their efforts to adapt culture change approaches to address the changing needs of groups, organizations and communities.

  • Wellness Culture Coaching was created for people who serve as independent consultants, work for wellness companies, and work to promote wellness within a single organization.

  • Wellness Culture Coaching was developed to support culture change in manufacturing settings, professional service businesses, schools, health plans and health care providers.

  • Wellness Culture Coaching skills and tools make it possible to address a wide range of health improvement goals, including physical activity, healthy eating, stress management, substance abuse prevention, smoking cessation, safety, and social engagement. 

To better understand the history, scientific basis, business case and vision of the Wellness Culture Coaching, watch the one-hour webinar presented by HRI’s president, Dr. Judd Allen. Our one-page brochure that provides an overview of Wellness Culture Coaching is available for download (PDF) here.

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