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will not only change the way you use your muscles, but will improve the use of your joints and spine,

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healthy posture and walk via the uniquely designed curved Masai Sensor sole, combined with correct training: Huge collections of


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Wellness Culture Coaching toolkits developed by HealthyCulture.com, and available to Wellness Culture Coaches, include diagnostic assessments, trainings, books, research reports and case studies. Wellness Culture Coaches use these toolkits to:

Track Results – including quantitative and qualitative measures of how the culture influences health behavior through shared values, norms, policies, peer support, and the social climate.
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Coach Peers – including family, friends and coworkers – to provide mutual support for lifestyle improvement goals. Learn More
Coach Leaders – including executives, managers and wellness committee members – to create healthier and more productive workplace cultures.
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Coach Housemates –
including employees and the general public – to create wellness cultures at home and within their families. Learn More
Improve Engagement –  increasing the sense of community, shared vision, and positive outlook. Learn More Mobilize Resources –
integrating wellness in neighborhoods, towns, and cities.
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